Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

So last night I saw Paranormal Activity 2, and my thoughts on it where mixed. First of all before you watch it, it would be good to know that it is actually a sequel to the first one. I did not know that while watching it, and when it showed the people from the first I didn't even recognize them, until towards the end of the film.

The film used relatively the same tactics as the first, and if you have seen the first you may know that it is not necessarily one of those films that has you staying up all night in fear, but is rather one of those films you watch for suspense. It is more about the ride than the destination, and so I would recommend if you where going to see it seeing it in theaters.

This film I thought had the same flaws as the first. First off it takes itself too seriously, it tries to get you to believe that this actually happened, and while that worked with the Blair Witch project, I think it has gotten a little old. That flaw can be over looked though, and some might not even consider it a flaw. The second one is the ending it sucked just like in the first film. The whole movie is about building up to this climax you expect to happen. The whole thing is about suspense, but then at the ending instead of some giant earth quake, or the house destroying itself you just see *Spoiler* and I think that is annoying.

All and all I though it was better than the first, but I haven't seen the first since it was in theaters so this opinion really isn't very accurate, I will try and see the first again and then get back to you on the subject.


  1. Okay, maybe this one might make me feel "scared", first one did nothing to me xD, was disappointed. Hopefully this one will have some effect.

  2. mh, gotta take a look! my friends told me about it