Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So I have finished up with the main texture for my pack. I am still going to be making small changes every time I find something I don't like. Also if you really do like this and there is something in particular you want changed, I will try my best to do so. This is a rar file with my textures in it, yes some of the default textures are packed with it, but that is because I eventual plan on making this a full overhaul. Note do not install in the texture pack folder, install using the mcpatcher, if you have trouble finding it I can give out more info. This link is to my minecraft.jar file, it contains my mod installed using mcpatcher, and ambient occlusions. If you do not know what ambient occlusions is I suggest you look it up, in my opinion it is the single best minecraft mod.

Even though I have finished my texture pack I am still leaving these up, because well that way you can see what inspired me, and there may be small things that I forgot to change, remember I am human.