Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Predalien is a lie

This does not exist. There is no predalien. It is a scam made to get your money. I have scene every Alien film, every Predator film, and both AVP films and can say this is not what a predalien would look like.

This is a regular Xenomorph. It was designed by H.R. Giger this creator originally came out of a white male, yet it is black, we later see hundreds of them from various colors of people, and they are all this color. This leads me to believe that the house's pigment does nothing to the alien's skin. Notice though that a predator has darker skin than a white human, yet the Xenomorph birthed from him is a lighter color. I would next like you to take not of the fact that human blood is not acid, and yet the Xenomorphs is, and even the blood of the face huggers is acid, this leads me to believe that the acid does not come from people, but is instead inherent to the Xenomorph species. So why then do we see the Predalien bleed not acidic blood? How is that canon? All of these facts pale in comparison to what I am going to show you next however.

This is the Alien Runner from Alien 3. It is the product of a face hugger attaching to a dog. Now this picture doesn't show it very well, but if you watched the film you would notice that it had the same color as the regular alien, and in fact is closer to the regular alien than the predalien is to either of them. Now let me ask you something which two species are closer is shape and  color, Predators and people, or dogs and people. The answer Predators and people. So why then is the alien runner closer to the alien than the Predalien? I do not know but what the predalien reminds me of is the alien human hybrid in Alien Resurrection. You see regular Xenomorphs absorb very little of their host's tissue, but in Alien Ressurection we see the fusion of a Xenormorph and a human, after seeing it, that is what I would expect the Predalin to be, a hybrid and not what happens when a face hugger lands on a predator.

The thing about that is though the hybrid alien showed different emotions than a regular alien. It showed love, and compassion to a human, this leads to believe that the Predalien isn't even a hybrid, it is in fact not canon.

The biggest evidence I have for this is the fact that it can impregnate people and do it far more effectively than a face hugger. If Pedalien's existed Predators would have made use of them. If you have scene AVPR I am guessing you have scene the first one. In this film the Predators are shown as caring towards humans, sure they may use them for there ritual, but I would say with all the technology we gained from them the seven lives are nothing. The people loved the Predators, and while yes they saw them as Gods, they would not have loved them if they where vengeful. Why is this important you ask? Because if the Predalien was capable of impregnating a human with three aliens they would have used them in the ritual, killing far less humans. Now of course keeping a Predalien alive for that time may be hard, but if people really could be infected with more than one alien the Predators would have artificially added more eggs to the face huggers, which would still result in less deaths.

Another thing, in Predator 2 we see an Alien skull being used as a trophy, now if Predaliens had exist wouldn't it have been a better trophy. I know they are rarer but think about Queens are harvested and that is why they are not used as trophys, but the Predator made no attempt to capture the Predalien meaning they are not harvested as the queens are, so why not have one of there skulls in the ship. They are rare you say, well let me tell you something in that ship we see a T-Rex skull, now are you telling me that in the millions of years that the T-Rex has been extinct that the crew of that ship has no faced a single Predalien, I doubt that highly.

Why is this an issue you ask? Because it leaves a stain on the legacy of the great Giger. He is both an artist and a genius and the Xenomorph is his baby, and AVPR tried its best to kill his baby, and that offends me. Giger is a master and I would really like to see his version of a "predalien".

Paranormal Activity 2

So last night I saw Paranormal Activity 2, and my thoughts on it where mixed. First of all before you watch it, it would be good to know that it is actually a sequel to the first one. I did not know that while watching it, and when it showed the people from the first I didn't even recognize them, until towards the end of the film.

The film used relatively the same tactics as the first, and if you have seen the first you may know that it is not necessarily one of those films that has you staying up all night in fear, but is rather one of those films you watch for suspense. It is more about the ride than the destination, and so I would recommend if you where going to see it seeing it in theaters.

This film I thought had the same flaws as the first. First off it takes itself too seriously, it tries to get you to believe that this actually happened, and while that worked with the Blair Witch project, I think it has gotten a little old. That flaw can be over looked though, and some might not even consider it a flaw. The second one is the ending it sucked just like in the first film. The whole movie is about building up to this climax you expect to happen. The whole thing is about suspense, but then at the ending instead of some giant earth quake, or the house destroying itself you just see *Spoiler* and I think that is annoying.

All and all I though it was better than the first, but I haven't seen the first since it was in theaters so this opinion really isn't very accurate, I will try and see the first again and then get back to you on the subject.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wizard re-release

As many of you may know the Ibanez wizard is one of the most rare and sought after necks in the guitar world, well I am hear to tell you that it has been re-released. The new Super Wizard Prestige necks are actually the continuation of the Super Wizard from the 90's which was in fact the last true wizard. So thank you Ibanez for bringing back a classic.

Herpidy derp

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